The Accessibility Institute and The Sinneave Family Foundation are proud to announce the launch of a new collaboration that aims to advance neuroinclusivity in housing in Canada and inform the development of national and provincial housing policies and strategies.

The initiative, entitled “Neuroinclusivity in housing: Sharing knowledge and coordinating action,” is a response to the growing need for affordable and suitable housing options for autistic and neurodivergent adults.

National and provincial governments have recognized the need to consider housing as part of an Autism Strategy, however there are no mechanisms currently in place to share successes, leverage ideas, and work together to inform government policy on neuroinclusivity in housing.

The three-year project is funded by The Sinneave Family Foundation and will be led by the Accessibility Institute at Carleton University.

Project activities will include connecting housing champions from across Canada, collecting, synthesizing, and sharing existing knowledge, curating evidence-informed tools and resources, and applying a research framework to housing projects on the ground to advance collective knowledge.

The project will prioritize the role of first person and community voices, community engagement, and community-informed knowledge exchange.


The Accessibility Institute, based at Carleton University, is a dynamic hub for multi-disciplinary accessibility research, education, training, and community engagement.

The Sinneave Family Foundation, based in Calgary, Alberta, is an operating foundation committed to removing barriers and enhancing opportunities for Autistic youth and adults.


For more information about this initiative, or to get involved, please contact:

Tara Connolly
Assistant Director, Research and Development
Accessibility Institute, Carleton University