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Ali Arya

School of Information Technology

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Research Interests

I am particularly focused on the overlap of these two, which is the use of VR (3D virtual environments) in education and other social applications. One of the key aspect of my research is inclusion/accessibility in VR technology.


Accessibility (and inclusion in general) is an important aspect of my research, especially within the context of VR. My research team explores VR design process and experiences that are more inclusive to people with diverse physical abilities and cultural and gender-based backgrounds.

Selected Publications

Hossain Samar Qorbani, Ali Arya, Nuket Nowlan, Maryam Abdinejad, “ScienceVR: A Virtual Reality Framework for STEM Education, Simulation and Assessment ,” IEEE AIVR (special session on Emerging technologies of visualization and education in VR/MR), 2021

Dan Hawes and Ali Arya, “VR-based Student Priming to Reduce Anxiety and Increase Cognitive Bandwidth,” IEEE VR, 2021