Photo of Audrey Girouard

Audrey Girouard

School of Information Technology

Phone:613-520-2600 x 8817
Office:Azrieli Pavillion 230D

Research Interests

Dr. Girouard is an Associate Professor in the School of Information Technology and a leading researcher in human computer interaction. Through shape-shifting interactive materials, she develops and evaluates emerging technologies such as deformable and wearable UIs with applications in healthcare, accessibility and gaming. She is the Director of the NSERC CREATE Collaborative Learning of Usability Experiences (CLUE) training program, co-applicant on the Research and Education in Accessibility, Design and Innovation (READi) NSERC CREATE and Associate Director for Graduate Studies in the School of Information Technology.


Dr. Girouard will contribute her expertise in human computer interaction and in novel interaction devices to design, develop and evaluate technologies designed with people with accessibility needs. Her research strives to apply deformation as a novel alternative tactile experience to the fields of health care and accessibility. Supported by an Early Researcher and a Research Achievement Award, she assesses if it could enhance the accessibility of technology for users who are blind or improve the hand dexterity of people with fine motor control limitations.

Selected Publications

Briotto Faustino, D., Girouard, A. Understanding Authentication Method Use on Mobile Devices by People with Vision Impairment. ACM ASSETS (2018). (Received “Best Paper” Nomination)

Briotto Faustino, D., Girouard, A. Bend Passwords on BendyPass : A User Authentication Method for People with Vision Impairment. ACM ASSETS (2018), 435–437.

Ernst, M., Swan, T., Cheung, V., Girouard, A. Typhlex: Exploring Deformable Input for Blind Users Controlling a Mobile Screen Reader. IEEE Pervasive Special Issue on Flexible and Shape-Changing Interfaces. 16, 4. 2017. p. 28-35

Ernst, M., Girouard, A. Bending Blindly: Exploring the learnability and usability of bend gestures for the visually impaired. ACM CHI Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems. (2016) 6p.

Ernst, M., Girouard, A. Exploring Haptics for Learning Bend Gestures for the Blind. ACM CHI Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems. (2016) 6p.

Eady, A., Girouard, A. Bend Assisted Rehabilitation. ACM CHI Workshop on Tangibles for Health, (2016). 6p.