Photo of Boris Vukovic

Boris Vukovic

School of Industrial Design

Degrees:B.A. Hon. (Carleton), M.Ed. (uOttawa), Ph.D. (McGill)
Phone:613-520-2600 x 1988
Office:3500 CTTC

Research Interests

My research interests are framed broadly around accessibility with specific focus on nonvisible disabilities, including mental health, executive functioning disorders, and learning disabilities. I am committed to transformative research that is participatory and collaborative, impactful in the real world, and action-oriented. I look for collaborations that emphasize applied research and knowledge mobilization with equitable input from people who the research concerns the most. At the same time, theory and knowledge building with philosophical undertones is my guilty pleasure, but always anchored in a desire to drive change, improvement, and problem solving in our communities, societies, and environments.


Research and practice in accessibility and disabilities is a personal and professional investment, in particular related to nonvisible disabilities. I see social participation for persons with visible and nonvisible disabilities as a matter relevant to a large proportion of humanity. It goes beyond disability labels and encompasses many more people who have lived experience of disability; families, partners, friends and colleagues. Accessibility as an emerging transdisciplinary, solution-focused field also benefits our diverse society as a whole through removal of barriers, better design, more inclusive practices, and social innovation.


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