Study Abroad Course

The study abroad course (AFRI 3100 or AFRI 5100) allows students study a selected topic in African Studies with a Carleton professor in an African country (or countries) in which the professor carries out research. The students also learn from experts on the topic in the African country (or countries). This is an experiential learning course that utilizes a blend of in class seminar, field visits, guest instructors, and other practical methods of delivering the content. The course focuses on a selected topic in the instructor’s area of research and examines current issues within the Country of study, the Continent and the World at large.

The course is open to African Studies Majors, Minors and other interested students provided student is in 3rd year standing. Depending on the course instructor and content, sometimes a graduate component is available as AFRI 5100.

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Study Abroad Courses

Placement Course

The Institute of African Studies Placement Course (AFRI 3900 or AFRI 5900) allows students do relevant academic work for the equivalent of one day a week for a term with an organization that works on African issues. Students are evaluated by a supervisor at the organization and by the undergraduate supervisor (or Graduate supervisor if registered in AFRI 5900).

Students are required to arrange the placements. Most placements occur in Africa, but there is a possibility of doing them elsewhere, including in Ottawa-Gatineau.  The Institute maintains a list of some potential placement opportunities, including one in Ghana through Carleton Professor Daniel Osabu-Kle (Political Science/African Studies). To view a list of potential placements in Africa, please visit this link.

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Placement Testimonials

Exchange Programs

As an African Studies student, you have the opportunity to study abroad during your third or final year.  Carleton currently has student exchange agreements with universities in Tanzania, Ghana, and South Africa, with the possibilities of more being established.

Learn more about Carleton’s Outgoing Student Exchange Program here.