PAPM 1000[1.0] Introduction to Public Affairs and Policy Management

The theoretical, philosophical and ethical foundations for the study of public affairs and policy management. Drawing from classic and contemporary texts in political philosophy and theory, students will consider issues relating to the nature of democracy, civic society and social organizations, the public, public affairs and public interest.

PAPM 2000[1.0] Policy: Analysis, Implementation and Evaluation

The institutions and processes of policy-making, implementation and evaluation. Forces that shape policy deliberations and alternative tools for managing policy action and policy evaluation. Theoretical approaches to understanding the origins of policy, and methods by which programs are designed and assessed.

PAPM 3000 Policy Research

An examination of the research strategies and techniques relevant to policy analysis and evaluation. Using the case study method, the role of research and research organizations in the policy process is discussed. The issue of ethical dilemmas in policy research is also considered.

PAPM 4000 Capstone Seminar in Public Affairs and Policy Management

A policy workshop focusing on the application of public affairs analysis to develop problem solving and research skills. The seminar will be policy-focused and organized by area of Specialization in the program. Students, working in small groups, will examine concrete policy problems, actual or simulated, in specific institutional contexts.

PAPM 4908[1.0] Honours Research Essay

The Honours essay, which represents a major research paper in the student’s area of Specialization, is carried out under the direction of a faculty supervisor.