The Art History Graduate Students’ Society (AHGSS) provides students with opportunities to engage and interact with faculty, students, and staff in the Department of Art History, on both academic and social grounds. It allows for cross-disciplinary collaboration through its seat on the GSA Council and through partnerships in conferences and event planning. Benefiting from its capital advantage, AHGSS endeavours to foster close, working relationships with other artistic and cultural institutions in Ottawa and beyond. AHGSS promises to enhance student life and enrich the graduate experience.

Executive Committee 2018-2019:

President – Rebecca Semple
Vice-President & Treasurer – Alexia Kokozaki
Social Media Officers – Sharon Newton and Amélie Rapp
GSA Councillor – Annika Mazzarella

Conference Co-Chairs, 2019:

Laura Curtis, Maggie Bryan and Casandra Brunet
Conference committee members: Rebecca Semple and Alexia Kokozaki

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AHGSS Graduate Conference 2019

  • Interactions: Collaboration in the Arts – details, CFP, and more from our Conferences page.

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AHGSS Conference Committee, c/o Kristin Guth
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