On January 23, Carleton Immersive Media Studio (CIMS) at Carleton University under the auspices of The Getty Conservation Institute (GCI) carry on the documentation of the historic wall paintings at the church of Kuño Tambo (Peru), located in an Andean village two hours outside of Cusco. The objective of the documentation campaign was to produce ortho photographs aimed to be the bases of an upcoming wall painting conditions assessment of this XVII century earthen church. The CIMS team consisted of an interdisciplinary team of experts and students, including Professor Mario Santana Quintero from Civil and Environmental Engineering, Christian Ouimet, Kenneth Percy and Crystal Hanley. The mission’s final day at the church included an orthophotography joint demonstration session conducted by the CIMS and the GCI team for members of the Cusco branch of the Peruvian Ministry of Culture, architects from the archbishopric of Cusco -owners of the site- and the local community.

Photos: View of the Kuño Tambo, team phot, making photographs for recording the church, panoramic image of the interior of Kuño Tambo church

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