supply-chain-1Carleton University held a high level workshop on Creating Confidence: Resilience of Supply Chains on October 24-25, 2016.  Delegates from Canada, the USA and the World Bank made presentations on key subjects of interest to stakeholders. All modal and intermodal interests participated. The workshop enabled the participants to exchange views on:

  • What role can resilience play in their businesses?
  • What needs to be done to enhance resilience of supply chains (including multimodal freight transportation)?
  • What is the role for policy and governments?

By hosting this workshop, Carleton University built on the supply chain resilience and vulnerability work that was carried out for Transport Canada and Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, both of whom were part of the organizing committee.

This 1.5-day workshop consisted of 6 sessions, organized according to themes. The First Session highlighted the business case for supply chain resilience. That was followed by presentations in Session 2 on shippers’ and transport providers’ perspectives as well as resilience of infrastructure. Session 3 highlighted the needs of time-sensitive cargo and Session 4 featured the interrelated subjects of hubs, corridors and congestion. Session 5 was on supply chain performance and resilience in a trading world and Session 6 covered future of transportation resilience and public policy. The role of intelligent transportation systems in enhancing resilience of supply chains was noted in workshop presentations. Carleton University contact person is Professor Ata Khan (Ata.Khan@Carleton.Ca).