Jamie McKay (Peng) is Principal with Morrison Hershfield Limited Consulting Engineers in the Ottawa, Ontario office and has been in the Engineering/Sustainability field for over 15 years. Since 2012, he has taught the course ENVE 1001 – Architecture and the Environment with the Civil Engineering Department, and has been involved with the program since the beginning in 2011. His primary goal with students is to get them excited about sustainable design and helps them identify and strategize on the opportunities all around them (e.g., home, other engineering/non-engineering classes, summer jobs, and their lives). He has done this by teaching the vocabulary of sustainability (terms/concepts) to allow them to have a common voice, and then to open their minds and eyes to what is the true meaning of sustainability and what is “greenwashing.” With a knowledgeable voice, they can communicate clearly with each other and future colleagues/clients.

The purpose of this award is to recognize teaching excellence by contract instructors at Carleton University.