Brandon Robinson,  a Master Applied Science student supervised by Dr. Abhijit Sarkar has won one of NSERC’s prestigious Science Action video awards. He placed second in the English category. Robinson has always been awestruck by large man-made structures like high-rise buildings and long-span bridges. The remarkable skylines of cities like Toronto and NYC inspired him to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering.  He earned his degree from Carleton in 2016, having completed two terms of NSERC USRA supported research, and 20 months of co-op work placements. The following year he began working towards his Master’s degree supported by an NSERC CGS-M award, motivated by that same inspiring imagery, and encouraged by new ideas.NSERC asked participants to submit a one-minute video about their research. Click here  to view Brandon’s winning submission. You can see all the winning submissions by clicking here.

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