At Carleton, we have the distinct advantage of being situated in the nation’s capital, which offers our students unique opportunities. We also live in a city that is renowned, both at home and abroad, for its natural beauty and its quality of life.

Carleton’s Engineering program ranks among the best in the country.

Environmental Engineering

The Environmental Engineering program provides a solid background in environmental engineering and the environmental aspects of chemistry and biology.  Environmental Engineers find employment opportunities in industry, municipalities, consulting firms, federal and provincial regulatory agencies and research establishments.

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineers plan, design, construct, and maintain public works, but the range of projects that the term “public works” encompasses has also grown with time. The areas of specialization that civil engineers can choose from can be divided into six general categories: structural, transportation, geotechnical, hydrotechnical, environmental, and municipal engineering.

Architectural Conservation and Sustainability Engineering

Our BEng in Architectural Conservation and Sustainability provides a unique, innovative focus in a multidisciplinary program that blends both engineering and architectural studies. Sustainable development and heritage conservation have become guiding principles for our modern industrial society. With increased awareness of the importance of economic, social and environmental sustainability, expertise in sustainable green building design and heritage conservation is now in high demand. Skilled civil and environmental engineers apply their knowledge in sustainability to the design and retrofit of both new and existing buildings, considering areas such as life cycle costs, impacts of selected materials, and energy needs and consumption. They also bring their expertise to the burgeoning field of conservation, as more buildings receive various levels of heritage designation and are in need of repair and adaptation This new innovative program provides students with the opportunity to study within a top-notch engineering faculty as well as be enriched by the program’s close association with Carleton’s well-known architecture program.

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering offers studies at both undergraduate and graduate levels.