Pfizer invites letters of intent for its ASPIRE global obesity grant. This supports basic science, preclinical research and clinical research, animal experimentation related to human biology and physiological, cellular, molecular and translational research regarding obesity.

In-scope research includes:

  • Pathophysiology and biology of overweight and obesity
  • Understanding Obesity as a disease
  • Utilizing retrospective databases, generate evidence of optimal management of obesity and co-existing comorbid conditions


  • Only organizations are eligible to receive grants, not individuals or medical practice groups
  • The applicant (PI) must have a medical or postdoctoral degree (MD, PhD, or equivalent), an advanced nursing degree (BSN with a MS/PhD), or a degree in Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, or Social Work.
  • Applicant must be affiliated with a host institution.
  • Both early career and experienced investigators are encouraged to apply and consideration will be given to all proposals meeting the selection criteria.

Funding Available

Individual projects requesting up to USD $250,000 will be considered.

Internal Contacts

Potential applicants are encouraged to discuss this funding opportunity by emailing the following contact(s) as soon as possible:  Heloise Emdon and their Research Facilitator.

To obtain an institutional signature please contact Heloise Emdon.


Faculty Deadline Consult your Faculty Research Facilitator.
OVPRI Deadline (Approval Form and Application) 1 week before full proposal submission
Submission to Sponsor November 5, 2021, 11.59pm EST (Letter of Intent)

February 2022 (Full Proposal)

Submitting Your Application

  • Step 1) Submit an internal Carleton Approval Form
    Submit an internal Approval Form through our central awards management database CUResearch:
    For a user’s guide on submitting an Approval Form, click here.
  • Step 2) Submit an external application to the granting agency
    Submit an external application to the corresponding grant or award agency. For further details about funding categories, eligibility criteria and deadlines for this opportunity, click here.