Some things to consider when preparing for travel

If you are travelling, a little preparation can be the key to enjoying some time away. Before leaving, you should know what type of travel insurance coverage you have in place, who to call in case of a medical emergency, and how to make a claim for any out-of-pocket emergency medical expenses. Disclaimer: This is not an exhaustive list, just some things to consider when preparing to travel. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that appropriate travel preparations have been made.

Medical Coverage

Health Coverage

  • Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) will always be your primary source of benefit coverage. If you travel out of the country frequently or for extended periods of time, it is important to review your OHIP status to ensure that you have coverage while you are out of the country. Inside Ontario or outside Canada.
  • Great West Life group benefits coverage provides out-of-country emergency care. Note that this coverage will supplement OHIP but will not subsidize it. Your OHIP coverage must be valid to access the out-of-country benefits through Great West Life. If you are eligible for benefits with Great West Life, you can review your coverage while travelling, by visiting benefits booklet or contacting Great West Life.
  • International SOS is an out-of-country emergency assistance program sponsored by Carleton. Anyone travelling outside Canada for business or pleasure is eligible to register for coverage during the out-of-country period. Additional information is available here: International SOS coverage.

Medical Consideration

Are you under a doctor’s care?

  • Make sure that your doctor is aware of your travel plans
  • Understand the implications of travelling with a pre-existing medical condition. Contact Great West Life to find your coverage
  • Review Great West Life’s Travel Assistance brochure

Are you taking prescription medication?

  • Ensure that you have an appropriate supply of any prescription medication
  • If you need more than 3 months prescriptions, you will need to notify Great West Life before you refill your prescription(s)
  • Note that some prescriptions require pre-approval by Great West Life. Ensure that you leave enough time to secure any approvals prior to your departure.

Other considerations

  • Contact Faculty Affairs for a letter confirming your sabbatical
  • Consider contacting the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to find out how your travel will affect your income tax responsibilities
  • Prepare and make copies of the following documents
    • Great West Life member card
    • Health card
    • Driver’s licence, passport, or other government issued photo ID
  • Keep important medical information with your travel documents in case of an emergency.

During your travel

Know what to do during a Medical Emergency

  • Contact the Great West Life travel assistance location nearest you or have someone call on your behalf. The phone numbers, which can also be found on the back of your benefits card, are:
    • From Canada or the U.S.: 1-855-222-4051
    • From Mexico: 0-1-800-522-0029
    • Dominican Republic: 1-800-203-9530
    • Universal countries: 1-800-9006-7555
      • To view the universal countries list, go to GroupNet for Plan Members or Great West Life –Contact us – Group benefits, and follow the online instructions.
    • Cuba: 1-204-946-2946 (call direct) **
    • All other countries: 1-204-946-2577 (call direct **or collect)
    • ** Long distance charges can be submitted to Great-West for reimbursement
  • Outside Canada, you may also contact the International SOS

Political Emergency

Consider having a contact person at home

  • Leave important travel details with a contact person
    • Travel plans
    • Travel documents
    • Insurance coverage
    • Contact number
  • Leave copies of your travel documents with a person at home
  • Consider having someone check up on your home every few days
  • Consider having someone pick up your mail or flyers at your door

Travel Tips

Ensure your beneficiaries are up to date

  • To check your current beneficiaries:
    • Go to Carleton Central
    • Select the ‘Employee Services’ tab
    • Select ‘Benefits and Deductions’
    • Select ‘Beneficiaries’
  • If you need to update your beneficiaries, submit the form(s) below: