Janet Mantler

Associate Director, FYS Instructor, Mentor Coordinator
Jennifer Gilbert

First Year Seminar Instructor & Mentor Coordinator
Petra Watzlawik-Li

First Year Seminar Instructor & Coordinator of Academic Coaching
Beth Hughes

First Year Seminar Instructor & Student Advisor
Allan Blunt

Coordinator of Programs, Student Advisor, Contract Instructor
Susan Burhoe

Coordinator, Academic Support, Program Evaluation, and Research
Rachelle Thibodeau

Registrarial and Admissions Administrator
Tracy Yusuf

Program and Admissions Officer
Stephanie Wagar

Administrative Assistant (Facilitator, Mentor, and Academic Coaching Programs)
Natalie McInnis

Centre Administrator and Financial Coordinator
Mirka Snopkowska

Lifelong Learning Program Coordinator
Stephaine Lawrence (acting)
Samantha Litwinczuk (on leave)

Lifelong Learning Program Administrator
Alison Lebrun-Ellerton

Lifelong Learning Program Administrator
Sam Kwok