At the Centre for Initiatives in Education, we have a 25 year history of innovation with post-secondary access, incubating diverse educational programming to make university more accessible and inclusive.

CIE Timeline 2023

Enriched Support Program begins

– along with ESP workshops, ESP advising, and ESP coaching

1996 – present
Centre for Initiatives in Education is created 1997 – present
First ESP Honours student graduates from Carleton 2000
Learning in Retirement starts up in Alumni Services

2 offerings and 65 participants

Bridging Program for Women 2000 – 2014
Nunavut Arctic BA 2000 – 2004
ESP mentor program starts 2001 – present
ESP ‘tutoring’ is formalized as Academic Advantage Coaching Program 2001
Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) is started up and run by CIE before going to Student Services at Carleton 2001-2006 – present (tsf to Student Services)
ESP admits 200 students for the first time 2002
Learning in Retirement is adopted by CIE from Alumni Services 2003 – present
Indigenous Enriched Support Program (AESP) 2003 – 2021 – present (tsf to CISCE at CU)
Bridging Program for Men 2003 – 2014
Indigenous High School Mentoring Program (AHSMP) 2011 – 2021 – present (CISCE)
ESP & IESP streams to Business, Engineering, Science 2013
ESP January admission starts, along with CIED seminar 2014 – present
Indigenous Leadership Pathways 2015
One third of Facils and Coaches are former ESP/IESP 2016
Welcome to my Classroom 2016-19
Motivational Interviewing training with Jonathan Lee 2016
ESP admits 300+ students 2016
Procrastination coaching 2017- 2021
Discovery University – partnership with Ottawa Mission 2017
Therapy Dog pilot program – went to OVPSE 2017 – 2018 – present (tsf to OVPSE at CU)
AESP name updated to IESP 2018
LinR: 155 offerings and nearly 5000 registrations 2019
Learning in Retirement is re-named Lifelong Learning Program (LLeaP) 2021
Newcomer and Refugee Mentorship begins 2020 – present
Academic Prep Course ‘How to be a University Student’ is piloted – with support from Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences 2022 – present
ESP Community Mentorship is formed 2022 – present
FASS-inating Learning Partnerships 2023 (in progress)
School Within a University & Dual Credit for students at risk of not completing high school 2023 (seeking funders)