How to Be a University Student: August 22 – 26, 2022

Skills and habits for success!

How to be a University Student is a five-day, on-campus course for incoming university students who want a strong start in their university studies. A blend of lectures, readings, and workshops will teach students evidence-based strategies for success in university, with an emphasis on how to develop strong academic skills and habits. Students will apply their new knowledge through in-person, interactive workshops led by skilled upper-year university students.

This is more than just a week-long course: we provide structure and accountability to help students throughout their first year of university. Following completion of the summer portion of the course, students will have materials and a plan to make the most of the upcoming year. Students will also have the option to meet up with our team throughout the year to discuss their academic progress and learn more about additional campus resources if needed.

Topics Include:

  • Study skills and habits assessment
  • The transition to in-person learning
  • Forming and maintaining habits
  • Managing stress
  • Predicting interests, challenges, and strengths
  • Advanced goal setting: What’s a WOOP?
  • How learning works: Learning styles and other learning myths
  • Reading & writing for university: No more 5-paragraph essays
  • Academic self-concept, metacognition, growth mindset
  • Collaboration skills for higher education

This non-credit course is coordinated by Carleton University’s Centre for Initiatives in Education, the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, and the Faculty of Public Affairs.