Part II of the peacebuilding practitioners’ Regional Workshop on Conflict Early Warning and Response Methodology and Application was held in Nairobi, between February 16 – 22, 2003. There was a need for the participants who had attended the Part 1 workshop in July 2002 to gain more insight into Conflict Early Warning to Response methodology and its application. It is upon this background that NPI-Africa organized Part 2 of the workshop, whose objectives were to assess the progress achieved since the July 2002 Part 1 workshop, to continue exposing participants to current thinking and debate regarding early warning and response in conflict and peacebuilding, to expose participants to tools and concepts in qualitative and quantitative risk and opportunity assessment and analysis in potential or real conflict situations, and to explore how practitioners can link more strategically their analysis of the context to the development of response strategies.

East Africa Diagnostics and Risk Assessments