Haiti Conflict Diagnostic – 2023

Haiti is facing multifaceted and serious challenges. Government institutions have ceased to
function effectively, and gangs, backed by the wealthy oligarchs, control nearly two-thirds of the
country. Frequent natural disasters further exacerbate the multitude of crises confronting Haiti.
While there is certainty about the severity of the situation, there are few actors with the
capacity and willingness to adequately address it. Many of the issue areas examined in this
diagnostic are closely interrelated to each other. In addition to data on the Country Indicators
for Foreign Policy’s (CIFP) nine main indicator clusters, this diagnostic draws on research from
other relevant sources where appropriate. Four of the nine indicator clusters are considered
high-risk factors that will increase the likelihood of further conflict. The effects of five of the
clusters are worsening and that of the rest are stable. The diagnostic projects a best, worst, and
most likely scenario in the next six months.