Congratulations to Dr. Maeder for receiving a SSHRC Explore Research Development Grant. The grant supports a project that will test the viability of an online jury paradigm.  Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person social science research involving groups (necessary for the study of juries and their deliberations) is not possible.  With recent challenges to the fairness of jury trials (e.g., public outcry following the acquittal of Gerald Stanley), we must continue researching how juries make decisions so that interventions can be developed if needed. As the Criminal Code (s.649) precludes jurors from discussing their experiences in the trial or deliberation room, mock trial research using jury-eligible Canadians is essential to better understand how jurors reach decisions in criminal cases. This project will inform the field whether this research can be done using online platforms, allowing it to continue in these uncertain times.