This article was first published in The Accounting Resources Centre (ARC) of the European Accounting Review and is written by Merridee Bujaki. To view the full study, please visit the publication page. To view the highlights of this study, please visit Research Highlights in CRIW’s Research Library. 

Online recruitment documents can function as a vehicle for organizations to reflect their values and present themselves as inclusive. When it comes to interpreting photographs in online recruitment documents, however, organizations need to be aware multiple interpretations of their photographs may be possible. These interpretations may conflict with efforts to convey diversity and inclusion.

In a study recently published in the European Accounting Review, Sylvain Durocher, François Brouard, Leighann Neilson and I, examined depictions of employees in 1,064 photographs presented in the recruitment websites of Canada’s eight largest public accounting firms. Having previously written several papers on diversity and inclusion, we were particularly interested in how women and non-White individuals were represented in these websites…. More