Research Update Event:
Impacts of COVID-19 on Workplace Inclusion

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Screen captures of speakers Linda Schweitzer, Jen Kostuchuk, Katarina Lauch, Amrita Hari, Alan Cai, Chelsie Smith, Kathryne Dupré, and Nada Elnahla

Event Date: March 10, 2021

Event Overview:

The COVID-19 pandemic has made traditionally underrepresented groups within the workplace even more vulnerable and made the impact of social inequalities more visible. Researchers discussed the impact measures such as physical distancing, working from home, not working, etc., are having on inclusion at work and potential implications for the future.

The following research projects were presented:

CRIW is pleased to support research initiatives that explore the impact of the COVID-19 response on workplace inclusion, to help ensure that the needs of vulnerable populations are understood and taken into consideration.