A paper with affiliation to the Centre for Research on Inclusion at Work (CRIW) and the Sprott School of Business was recently recognized as one of the top studies in the areas of diversity and international business published in the last 20 years.

To celebrate their 20th anniversary, the board of Women in the Academy of International Business (WAIB) put together a list of their top 20 articles on migration and diversity in international business.

Unveiling the Canvas Ceiling: A Multidisciplinary Literature Review of Refugee Employment and Workforce Integration was co-authored by Eun Su Lee, Betina Szkudlarek, Duc Cuong Nguyen and Luciara Nardon, who is Professor of International Business at the Sprott School of Business and Operational Director at CRIW.

For details on this announcement, please visit LinkedIn or Twitter. Links to the paper and research highlights are available in CRIW’s Research Library.

CRIW extends its congratulations to all the co-authors of this paper and is pleased to see CRIW’s research affiliates get recognition for their work.