The Centre for Research on Inclusion at Work (CRIW) today announced the recipient of this year’s CRIW Ignite! research grant. Funded by the RBC Foundation, in 2022 CRIW Ignite! provided up to $10,000 to collaborative research projects that advance CRIW’s mission of conducting and sharing research that advances equity, diversity and inclusion at work.

The following research project will be conducted with CRIW Ignite! funding:

How Experiential Learning can Lead to Successful Transitions to Leadership Roles for International MBA Students

While existing studies suggest MBA students typically struggle as they transition from graduate to leadership roles, there has been less examination of early career challenges faced by international MBA students. The objective of this study is to provide insights on how international MBA students can leverage experiential learning (EL) to contribute to successful transitions to early career leadership roles. Findings of the study could provide recommendations on how to adequately design learning environments that can help mitigate challenges during the early career role transitions for international students.

The research project will be conducted by:

  • Andrew Webb, Assistant Professor, International Business, Sprott School of Business, Carleton University

CRIW Ignite! is one of the vehicles through which CRIW aims to advance knowledge and drive change towards more inclusive workplaces that welcome and support greater participation of all peoples. For more information, visit CRIW’s web pages on Research Support and Resources and Grants.

CRIW’s research activities and knowledge-sharing efforts are possible, in part, through generous financial support from the RBC Foundation. This funding is providing opportunities for conducting and sharing innovative research on inclusion at work. CRIW is grateful for the RBC Foundation’s support in making its work possible.