Dr. Luciara Nardon, Co-Director CRIW and Professor of International Business, Sprott School of Business

Dr. Luciara Nardon, Professor of International Business and Co-Director of the Centre for Research on Inclusion at Work (CRIW) at the Sprott School of Business, recently co-authored a new book, Making Sense of Immigrant Work Integration. Featuring specific examples from Canada, the book brings together a variety of disciplinary perspectives by discussing the integration of newcomers in the workforce as a process of sensemaking and involves multiple actors and multiple scales.

Along with her co-author, Dr. Amrita Hari, they identify key players, issues, practices of support, and avenues for future research. The goal of this book is to not only make sense of the wicked problem of immigrant work integration but to explore the issue at multiple levels that includes the individual, interactional, organizational and institutional. The problem is described as ‘wicked’ as it is linked to other problems and has no easy solution. Integrating newcomers is an ongoing process shaped by contradictory forces and changing circumstances.

The book is a culmination of more than a decade of the authors combined research on immigrants’ issues and their lived experiences as immigrants in Canada and other countries. The authors’ work contributes to enhancing the social impact of academic research by providing a comprehensive overview of the field of immigrant work integration for researchers in global mobility and organizational studies, as well as practitioners.

This book is open access and is available for free download here.