Photo of Bruce Wallace

Bruce Wallace

PhD and Engineering Innovator
    Phone:613-520-2600, ext. 1943
    Building:Minto Centre, Room Room 6015


    Bruce Wallace first came to Carleton University in 1989 as a master’s student in Systems and Computer Engineering (SCE), where he expanded his technology and engineering expertise. This early groundwork would come to support his future career and academic endeavors.

    “The skills and knowledge I gained in my master’s studies at Carleton gave me the foundation to contribute and lead in my telecom career,” says Wallace.

    During 24 years in the communication sector, Wallace worked on advanced technology, new design methods and emerging business applications.  His career spanned contributions to the first-ever use of speech recognition in the telephone network through to communication solutions for health-care providers.  He maintained a collaboration with Carleton as a sponsor of innovative university research and continued to build his skills by completing numerous educational programs in business and finance.

    Wallace returned to Carleton to pursue his doctoral studies, which he completed in 2017.

    His research focused on sensor and signal processing technology related to human cognition and cognitive decline. A key piece within international collaborations among universities and hospitals, his work will inform technology that will allow individuals to live at home longer and reduce the need for intervention by caregivers. Meanwhile, as an instructor in SCE, he provides hundreds of engineering students each year with their first introduction to computer programming.

    His involvement with the Carleton community has now spanned decades – as a student, corporate leader and sponsor, researcher and instructor.

    “I have benefited from the leadership of Carleton researchers, starting with my first return to graduate studies, industrial research collaborations and now in my own PhD.”