The Board of Allocators accepts proposals from all undergraduate engineering student or student group. All proposals are considered, provided they benefit undergraduate engineering education at Carleton University. Funding is allocated once during the Fall and Winter academic terms.

With our new website, we are using an online proposal submission to streamline the submission process. All proposals should be created and submitted using the online proposal guide. Once submitted online, the proposal will be reviewed by the CUESEF Chair, approved and may be posted on the website under the Past Proposals tab above. You will receive a confirmation email once your proposal has been submitted.

Important Dates

  • Fall Semester

    • Proposal Submission Opening Date: Monday, November 6th
    • Proposal Submission Due Date: Monday, November 27th at 11:59 PM
    • Board of Allocators Meeting: Friday, December 1st
    • Funding Allocation Decisions: Wednesday, December 6th
    • Refund Deadline: Friday, January 27th

    Winter Semester

    • Proposal Submission Opening Date: Monday, January 29th
    • Proposal Submission Due Date: Friday, February 23rd at 11:59 PM
    • Board of Allocators Meeting: TBD
    • Funding Allocation Decisions: Wednesday, March 6th
    • Refund Deadline: Friday, April 12th

Funding Guidelines

When making a proposal it is important to provide detail of what you are requesting and the purpose. Specifics are preferred over a general blanket proposal where a single sum of money is requested for multiple items with little description. In general, if there is a need, it’s worth a proposal. But remember, it’s up to you to convince the Board of Allocators of the worthiness of your proposal.

Larger, more expensive items can also be allocated funds over multiple terms in order to be purchased. Note: you will have to re-apply each term, however you may reuse the older proposal with any necessary updates.

Requests for Payment must be submitted (including original receipts) within 4 months of the date of purchase.

When submitting a proposal please keep the following points in mind:

  • A concise proposal is more effective and also more likely to be read in its entirety by the Board of Allocators.
  • It is greatly appreciated if you provide options for various levels of partial funding. This does not lessen your chances of obtaining full funding.
  • Padded proposals such as requesting an unrealistic or unnecessary amount are not well received by the Board of Allocators.
  • Please consult previous proposals for more guidance.