Before you request your refund, please ask yourself:

What has CUESEF done for me? Why should I consider not getting my refund?

1) The allocation of CUESEF money is decided by students.

The Board of Allocators that decides what projects receives funding is composed of one student member of every engineering department. These students represent the majority vote on the Board of Allocators.

2) CUESEF offers funding and expects nothing back in return.

When it comes to sponsors for student teams, this is rare. CUESEF enables positive student learning experiences both inside and more importantly, outside the classroom.

3) CUESEF currently allocates approximately $80 000 per term in funding (for design teams, 4th year projects, student groups, etc.).

4) CUESEF is for students by students.

By donating to CUESEF, you are contributing to Carleton Engineering’s reputation (our student teams really help make us recognized internationally as one of the top engineering schools in North America).

To Request your refund please contact the Dean’s Office at