Here are some example past proposals that were fully funded by the Board of Allocators.

Please keep in mind that the proposal form is under development and has changed, so make sure to read the form carefully and provide as much concise information as you can.

Blackbird UAV, Fall 2014

Carleton GNCTR Team, Fall 2014

Carleton Troitsky Bridge Building Team, Fall 2014

Carleton U. Robotics club, Fall 2014

CUSP, Fall 2014

AMPED Capstone Project, Winter 2014

EngFrosh, Winter 2014

Radio Frequency Energy Harvesting, Winter 2014

RUAS, Winter 2014

Carleton Sustainable Design Team, Fall 2013

Generic Human Interface Device, Fall 2013

IEEE Carleton University Student Branch, Fall 2013

UV Team, Fall 2013