The Carleton University Digital Strategy, the first of its kind at Carleton, will seize this opportune moment. We will ask the Carleton community to reflect on what we once knew about digital technologies and what we have learned during the pandemic, and we will leverage our collective experiences around digital technologies to advance the directions and pathways outlined in the Strategic Integrated Plan (SIP).

The creation of the Digital Strategy will also be inspired by, interconnected with, and informed by the Coordinated Accessibility Strategy; Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Action Plan; Kinàmàgawin, Carleton’s revitalized Indigenous strategy; and by strategic plans at the faculty and unit level.

The Carleton University Digital Strategy will:

  1. Provide a shared vision of how we will enhance, support and embolden the directions and objectives outlined in the SIP through digital technology,
  2. Outline foundational principles that govern our future decisions regarding digital technologies,
  3. Establish a roadmap that frames our vision and principles, and offers guidelines to focus our collective efforts in harnessing digital opportunities to advance Carleton.