EERL’s Women in Engineering Research Scholarship

The $5000 annual scholarship will be awarded to the successful graduate students in the Faculty of Engineering and Design, starting in the Spring of 2023. This EERL research scholarship is an ongoing initiative at Carleton University launched in 2017 to promote the next generation of women leaders in engineering research.

More than a scholarship

In addition to the scholarship the successful candidates will be offered:

  • Research Assistant position at EERL
  • Fieldwork opportunities
  • Networking opportunities
  • Academic and industry conferences
  • Real-world engineering research work experiences with industry and government

Training of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, collectively referred to as “highly qualified personnel” (HQP) is a core emphasis of EERL. The large scale of research projects at EERL provides HQP with exceptional opportunities to go far beyond a typical Canadian graduate student experience by engaging in a Canada-wide, collaborative effort to solve urgent, industrially relevant problems of national and international importance. The array of industry and government partners, both within Canada and internationally, will provide unique opportunities for the HQP being trained.

The scale of the research means that no student project can occur in isolation — we place a great emphasis on cooperation and collaborations with other HQP, government agencies and industry partners. Our cutting-edge research will expose students to advanced experimental methods, new equipment, working environments, and will expand the impact of their research projects. In addition, the large team environment, close collaborations with the government and industry partners as well as opportunities for students to attend academic conferences will stimulate new professional relationships and connections that will be key to ensuring their successful careers upon graduation.

Have questions or want to apply?  Please contact us at regarding the application process and other graduate student opportunities.