The Job Shadow Program at Carleton University allows our community members to play an active role in the experiential learning of various career paths and professions for our Carleton students within the Bachelor of Arts, Social Sciences and Public Affairs.

The Job Shadow program is open to students within the Bachelor of Arts, Social Sciences and Public Affairs, who are in the process of exploring their career options related to their academic degree. As a mentor in the program, you will provide a student with an opportunity to spend part of a day with you learning about your career and career path, the skills, competencies and educational requirements of your profession, and at the same time, providing a student with experiencing the workplace and broadening their understanding of your industry.

What should I provide to a student during a job shadow visit?

During a job shadow visit you may provide some of the following activities:

  • overview/presentation of the organization/industry, company culture, career areas within the organization
  • a tour of the organization, meeting various colleagues and learning about the different departments and career roles
  • attending a meeting or an event, learning about work projects
  • interviewing you and/or other staff members in a similar role to ask questions about your profession, skills and knowledge, education and career path
  • provide guidance and advice on resumes/cover letters and/or interview advice

What are the Benefits?

  • network and engage with Carleton’s future emerging talent into the workforce
  • learn and be well-informed of classroom knowledge and current teachings in degree programs
  • experience the interests, ideas and enthusiasm of our students
  • brand your organization at Carleton University and among students

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