What happens after I’ve posted my co-op job?


Once your job posting is approved, the job will be live and ready for students to apply. Typically, jobs are posted  4-5 days. During this time, applications will appear as zero (0) and will update once the job application deadline has passed.

After the deadline, an application bundle will be emailed to your inbox. (Applications are available via the employer’s website for those employers that selected this option.)


Once you’ve reviewed your applications you can log into your CUHire account to select interview candidates and submit your interview request. Click here for a step-by-step visual guide to scheduling Co-op interviews on CUHire. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can email your interview request to the Co-op office at co-op@carleton.ca. The following information is required to schedule your interviews:

  • Interviewer Name(s);
  • Candidate Name(s);
  • Location (off campus, on campus);
  • Method (web conference, phone, in-person);
  • Date(s) and start time (including duration of each interview and breaks); and
  • Additional instructions the candidates may need.

Interviews can take place by video conferencing (Teams, Zoom, etc.), by phone, at the employer’s location (following health and safety guidance) or on campus. Interview rooms on-campus are available on a limited basis.


After the interview process, you can notify the Co-op office of your student selection(s). The Co-op office will then extend a job offer to the student on your behalf and will give the student 48 hours to make their decision. The Co-op office will inform you immediately once we receive an answer from the student.

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