Site visits and mid-term check-ins

Approximately mid-way through the work term, a Co-op staff member will be in contact you or your student to arrange a site visit or email check-in. This is an opportunity to discuss students’ progress and provide feedback on their performance.

Report and Evaluation

All students are required to write a work term report that will be graded by their respective academic department, and the work supervisor is expected to review the report before submission.

The work supervisor is required to complete a work term evaluation at the end of the student’s work term. Work term evaluations are designed to provide feedback to students to assist with personal and professional development. We ask that supervisors schedule time to meet with their student at the end of the work term to review and discuss the evaluation. The form will be sent to the supervisor’s email address that the student has listed as part of his/her worksite information. A link to the form will be emailed directly to the work supervisor for completion.

Employer Responsibilities 

As valued partners in the co-operative education program, employers’ responsibilities are to:

  • Provide work that is relevant to the co-op student’s academic program; work must also be paid, full-time throughout the term and a duration of approximately 14-16 weeks (35-40 hours/week)
  • Provide supervision/training and set expectations for the work term regarding responsibilities, duties, and priorities
  • Provide feedback to the student’s co-op advisor mid-way through the work term re: performance and progress to date
  • Review the co-op student’s work term report prior to submission to the University for grading
  • Complete an online evaluation of the student’s performance  at the end of the work term

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