1. Administration and Planning

  • Prior to the start date, have student complete all other required documentation (security clearances and passes, confidentiality agreements and payroll information). Ensure that the student’s workspace will be ready and provide them with any pre-work term reading you think would be relevant.
  • Plan to have additional assignments available should the student complete work ahead of schedule.

2. Orientation and Learning

  • Within the first few days provide student with an orientation of the work environment as well as what their responsibilities and deliverables will be.
  • Discuss appropriate topics for the work term report with your student and consider implementing a learning plan.

3. Progress and Feedback

  • On a regular basis, plan to have the student provide you with progress updates on assigned tasks and provide feedback on both strengths and areas needing improvement.
  • You may wish to meet with the student mid-way through the work term to conduct a mid-point review. You will also be contacted by a Co-op staff member for a site visit or email check-in, and will have the opportunity to provide feedback on the student’s performance to date.

4. Evaluations and Work Term Reports

  • At the beginning of the final month of the work term, complete the students’ Work Term Evaluation and review the student’s work term report.
  • Please note: Work term reports are NOT to include any proprietary information. If you consider the content of the report to be confidential and cannot release the report, please email co-opprogram@carleton.ca to confirm this.