I’d like to rehire my student for another work term. What process should I follow?
First, connect with your student to verify if s/he is interested in being extended for another work term with you. The student will need to verify that his/her work term pattern allows for an extension of four months. If the student is available for another term and decides to accept your offer, simply have him/her notify his/her Co-op Student Advisor. The Co-op Office will send a confirmation letter to you shortly thereafter by email.

Our organization lost a large contract/is going out of business and we can’t keep our student. What should we do?
If this situation arises, contact the Co-op Office immediately. Students must work a minimum of twelve, thirty-five hour weeks to achieve their co-op term credit. Several options may be available depending on the situation.

My organization has gone on strike. What will happen to my student?
It is each individual student’s responsibility to decide whether or not to cross a picket line in the case of a strike. The role of the Co-op Student Advisor in this situation is to inform the student of the potential results of either decision.

Can I fire the student if s/he doesn’t work out?
At the first sign of any unusual situation (poor performance, behaviour issues, extended absences), and/or if you are considering firing a co-op student, we ask that you contact the Co-op Office to discuss your concerns.