Request a Tax Credit Letter

Private companies in Ontario, Manitoba and Quebec are eligible for a tax credit equal to a percentage of a co-op student’s salary. All of Carleton’s co-op programs are eligible for the tax credit. For more detailed information about the provincial tax credits, visit the following sites:

This form below is used to request a tax credit letter for employment of co-op students once the work term has been completed:

Request a Confirmation of Student Enrollment Letter

If you require confirmation that a student is a current full time student enrolled in the Co-op program and eligible for a work term, please complete the request form below.

Workplace Success Guide

The Workplace Success Guide is a helpful resource to guide managers and supervisors through the work term process and offer useful tips and suggestions for making the co-op work term as productive and successful as possible.

Workplace Success Guide

Work Term Inventory

The Work Term Inventory is a helpful “to do” reference for supervisors and their students during the work term.

Student Work Term Evaluation

The work supervisor is required to complete a work term evaluation at the end of the student’s work term. Work term evaluations are designed to provide feedback to students to assist with personal and professional development.  We ask that supervisors schedule time to meet with their student at the end of the work term to review and discuss the evaluation. The form will be sent to the supervisor’s email address that the student has listed as part of his/her worksite information. A link to the form will be emailed directly to the work supervisor for completion.

If your organization has its own evaluation form, it may be used in lieu of Carleton’s form.  Please ensure that the co-op student has a copy of the evaluation at the beginning of the work term so that s/he may know the specific evaluation criteria of your organization.

Proprietary Work Term Report Grading Sheet

The Work Term Report Grading Form is completed by the co-op employer only when the student’s work term report is deemed proprietary.

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