All Co-op students are required to submit a Co-op Work term Report for each of their work terms. The Co-op Work term Report is intended to present some relevant aspect of the work the student has done and the contribution he/she made to that work. The aspect of the work that is reported depends on the specific job situation.

Grading the Work Term Report
The report should be evaluated on the basis of its content, style and grammar, as well as its organization and presentation. The grading form provided should be used. The grade assigned for the work term course will be Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory.

Note that the grade is not given for the quality, type or correctness of the work performed during the work term. the grade is assigned for the report itself.

Please comment as extensively as possible on the grade sheet.

If a report is judged unsatisfactory, the student is given an opportunity to submit a revised version within a prescribed period of time.

Work Term Report Contents
The work term report itself may take on differing formats depending on the individual work situation.

The nature of the report will depend on the nature of the student’s activities during the work term. If his/her duties consisted of working on one well defined project, that project should be described. If, on the other hand, his/her duties consisted of working on several small projects, then these should be described with emphasis placed on one or two main projects. In all cases the student’s contribution to the project should be made clear.

If the work was not project based but, for example, consisted of consultation and a variety of duties, the report should focus on a description of the technical aspect of the job, the student’s place in the organization, some of the problems that the student was called upon to solve. etc.

The report should not merely be a technical report on a specific product.

The work term report should be about 8 to 10 pages long, excluding appendices, with the following general format:

  • title page
  • summary or an abstract
  • acknowledgments (if applicable)
  • table of contents
  • introduction
  • body
  • conclusion
  • bibliography (if applicable)
  • appendix (optional)