Please note that courses will only run if they reach a minimum of twenty students. Students will be notified via Carleton email if a course in which they are registered is cancelled. We will endeavour to notify students of any cancellations as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Course syllabi – preliminary and full – are posted as they become available.

Early Summer Courses (May – June)

DIGH 3814 O / HIST 3814 O: Crafting Digital History with S. Graham

ENGL 2103 A: Introduction to the Novel with D. Dragunoiu

ENGL 4115 A / ENGL 5900 S: Culture & the Text with S. Brouillette

ENGL 4976 A / ENGL 5009 S: Issues in Postcolonial Lit. with S. Kamra

Late Summer Courses (July – August)

DIGH 2705 A / SOCI 2705 A: Pop. Culture in the Dig. Age with J. Garrod

ENGL 1010 A: Writing Essays about Lit.

ENGL 2100A: Topics in Popular Culture with P. Walton

ENGL 2500 A / CLCV 2500 A: Classical Mythology

ENGL 4115 B:Culture & the Text with P. Whiting