Please note:

  • The course offerings and instructors listed below are subject to change.
  • The syllabi below are preliminary and are provided to assist with course selection. Syllabi are posted as they are received. Final syllabi will be posted by the Undergraduate Calendar Deadline.
  • All fourth year courses are in a seminar style unless otherwise stated.

**Denotes a course for which a writing sample must be submitted prior to registration. Fall writing samples must be submitted by Monday, June 8, 2020. Please submit your writing sample using the application form. Applicants will receive an acknowledgement email to confirm the Department has received their writing sample. Decisions will be communicated by email no later than Monday, June 15, 2020. Students are advised to make an alternate course selection until those accepted into workshops are notified. If workshops are not full, applications past this deadline may be considered by the instructor. 

Writing Sample Guidelines can be found here (as they become available):

First Year / Second Year / Third Year / Fourth Year

First Year

Many of our first-year courses preclude one another which means credit cannot be earned for more than one course. When selecting courses, please be mindful that you cannot enroll or receive credit in more than one of the following courses: FYSM 1004, ENGL 1000 (no longer offered), ENGL 1100, ENGL 1200, ENGL 1300, ENGL 1400, and ENGL 1600.

Students are also limited to enrolling in ENGL 1010 or ENGL 1020 as these courses preclude one another. English Majors in search of a dedicated writing course should take ENGL 1010 instead of ENGL 1020.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

FYSM 1004 A: Reading Literatures and Cultures with S. Brouillette (Fall/Winter)

FYSM 1004 B: Reading Literatures and Cultures with B. Leckie (Fall/Winter)

FYSM 1004 C: Reading Literatures and Cultures with B. Johnson (Fall/Winter)

FYSM 1004 D: Reading Literatures and Cultures with J. Mason (Fall/Winter)

ENGL 1008 A: English Grammar: Fundamentals with A. Wallace

ENGL 1009 A: Literature in Global Context with M. Chakravorty

ENGL 1010 A: Writing Essays about Literature with A. Barrows

ENGL 1010 B: Writing Essays about Literature with S. Birkwood

ENGL 1010 C: Writing Essays about Literature with C. Tracey

ENGL 1010 D: Writing Essays about Literature

ENGL 1020 A: Effective Writing

ENGL 1020 B: Effective Writing

ENGL 1020 C: Effective Writing

ENGL 1020 D: Effective Writing

ENGL 1500 A: Introduction to Creative Writing

ENGL 1600 A: Literature and Magic with C. Tracey

ENGL 1609 A: Introduction to Drama Studies with J. Cleveland

Second Year

ENGL 2005 A: Theory and Criticism

ENGL 2012 A / CLCV 2008: Greek and Roman Epic

ENGL 2104 A: Drama Workshop

ENGL 2104 B: Drama Workshop

ENGL 2107 A: Science Fiction with B. Greenspan

ENGL 2108 A: Women and Literature with P. Whiting

ENGL 2109 A: Gender, Sexuality and Literature with J. Medd

ENGL 2202 A: Weird Fiction with G. Williams

ENGL 2301 A: Literatures and Cultures 500-1500 with S. Calkin

ENGL 2302 A: Literatures and Cultures 1500-1700 with A. Wallace

ENGL 2400 A / DIGH 2001: Introduction to Digital Humanities

ENGL 2500 A / CLCV 2500: Classical Mythology

ENGL 2600 A / FILM 2606: History of World Cinema I

ENGL 2609 A: Drama: Modes and Movements

ENGL 2700 A: American Literatures I with F. Nudelman

ENGL 2802 A: Indigenous and Canadian Literatures with S. Birkwood

ENGL 2802 B: Indigenous and Canadian Literatures with J. Henderson

ENGL 2901 A: Writing Poetry

ENGL 2903 A: Writing Fiction

ENGL 2910 A: Book Arts Workshop with R. Norris

ENGL 2915 A: Writing Creative Non-fiction

PIPS 2000 A: Theories in Performance in the Public Sphere with J. Cleveland

Third Year

ENGL 3007 A: Reading Poetry with C. Tracey

ENGL 3201 A / HUMS 3200: European Literature

ENGL 3204 A / CHST 3204: Literary Representations of Childhood & Youth with A. Barrows

ENGL 3305 A: Shakespeare and the Stage with D. Beecher

ENGL 3401 A / DIGH 3001: The Book in the Digital Age with M. White

ENGL 3500 A: Literatures and Cultures 1700-1900 with P. Whiting

ENGL 3501 A: Literatures and Cultures 1900-Now with B. Johnson

ENGL 3603 A: 20th- and 21st-Century Fiction with B. Greenspan

ENGL 3804 A / EURR 3001: Literature & Culture in Europe

ENGL 3902 A / FILM 3902: Writing Screenplays

ENGL 3908 A / ALDS 3401 A: Research and Theory in Academic Writing

ENGL 3910 A: From Degree to Career with D. Dragunoiu

ENGL 3920 A: Literary Ecological Fieldwork with B. Vellino

ENGL 3940 A: Studies in Diaspora Literature with M. Chakravorty

Fourth Year

ENGL 4003 A / ENGL 5610 G / WGST 4812 A: Studies in the Novel with J. Medd

ENGL 4004 A / ALDS 4004: Writing and Knowledge-Making in the Professions

ENGL 4115 A / ENGL 5900 F: Culture and the Text with S. Brouillette

ENGL 4115 B / ENGL 5402 F: Culture and the Text

ENGL 4301 A / ENGL 5303 F: Studies in Renaissance Literature with D. Beecher

ENGL 4414 A / ALDS 4414 A: Professional Writing I

ENGL 4600 A / ENGL 5900 G / EURR 4103: The Great Russian Novel with D. Dragunoiu (Lecture Course)

ENGL 4607 A / ENGL 5606 F: Studies in 20th- and 21st-century Literature with  A. Barrows

ENGL 4609 A: Global Stages and Theories with J. Cleveland

ENGL 4708 A: Studies in American Literature I with P. Walton

ENGL 4909 A / ALDS 4403 A: Writing and Knowledge-Making in the Disciplines

PIPS 4200 A: Special Topics in Performance & the Public Sphere