Let nature take its course.
That’s the message from local biologists who are perplexed with the cormorant hunt that opens next week. The provincial government announced this summer that a fall hunt of cormorants across Ontario will take place Sept. 15 to Dec. 31.
The bag limit on these birds will be 15 per person — but they’re not edible, according to biologists who say they have many issues with next week’s hunt.

“I’m frustrated. I don’t understand it, to be frank,” he said [Dr. Steve Cooke – Carleton University]. “It’s not linked to an evidence-based approach. It’s inconsistent with ethical hunting behaviour, which is something else they promote as an organization. The idea that flesh should not be wasted — if we’re going to kill things, then we eat them. Myself and others in the scientist community are certainly scratching our heads, baffled as to why a historically science-based organization has taken up this cause.” Read More