The Internal Service Providers listed below utilize eShop to facilitate their order and/or billing process for internal recoveries.  Each vendor has chosen to adopt eShop in a manner that best suits their processing style, and may have a catalogue of goods, special forms to be completed, or they may wish for you to contact them first so that they can provide you an estimate for the work in eShop.  Click on the Service Provider title to visit their website explaining how to use eShop for their services.

Internal Service Provider Journal Prefix Has Catalogue? Has forms available to shopper? Department fills out form, then sends to shopper Use General Internal Request Only
1125 @ Carleton  CL X
Advancement  AD X
Animal and Veterinary Services  AC X
Architecture Digital
Athletics  AT X
Campus Card CC yes X
Canada Indian Centre
CCS Voice Services  VS X
CCS Hardware Services  CS yes X
Conference Services CF X
Earth Sciences  ES X
Events Office (Communications)  EV X
Facilities and Management Planning (FMP)  FM X
GLEL Services
Health & Counselling Services  HC X
Instructional Media Services (IMS)  IM X
Media Production Centre  MP X
MicroFabrication Facility (Electronics)  MF X
Parking Services  PK X
Print Shop, The  PS yes X
Safety  SF X
Science Stores
Science Technology Centre (STC)  ST X
Sprott PPD SP X X
Technical Services TS X
University Communications  UC X X