Kelly LauzonKelly Lauzon photo is the 2020 contract instructor recipient of the FPA Teaching Excellence Award. Lauzon joined the Department of Law and Legal Studies as an instructor in 2017 and is currently completing her PhD in Legal Studies at Carleton. She is a passionate and committed instructor who is focused on student success through mentoring, as well as fostering an open and inclusive environment in the classroom.

“Exceptional teaching is integral to the student experience,” says Dean Brenda O’Neill. “The award was first presented in 2004 to recognize commitment to innovation in classroom instruction and curricular development. The award is presented each year to one faculty member and one contract instructor for their commitment to student advising and engagement and consistently excellent teaching evaluations.”

Lauzon’s primary area of study and teaching is wrongful convictions. She says, “I feel strongly that this is an area of the criminal justice system that needs more attention, especially by those who are aspiring to join the workforce as future criminal justice system workers.

“Beyond simply imparting knowledge, my approach to teaching follows a student-focused model where my teaching philosophy is grounded in the understanding that it is my responsibility to create a climate that supports and encourages student learning,” she says. “Simply put, my approach to teaching is one that is centered on mentoring the students and encourages them to extend themselves beyond their comfort zone in order to broaden their educational experience.

“I have come to realize that teaching, like student learning, is a process that requires practice and feedback. While I often solicit feedback from my students and colleagues, I also engage in regular self-reflection. During these periods of reflection, I am always surprised by how much I learn from each student who takes part in my class.

“For me, teaching is not only an exercise in imparting knowledge, but it is also an exercise in mutual enrichment. I know that my accomplishments as an educator would not be possible without the work and guidance of the students as they help inform my future directives to become a better educator.

“I have always thought of myself as a life-long student,” said Lauzon at the FPA Excellence Award ceremony in July 2020. “I love learning and being in the classroom. Teaching has been the most enriching learning experience. I’ve learned so much about myself, my students and the material we study together. I always try to approach teaching as a conversation, so we can learn together.”

2021 FPA Excellence Awards

We are now accepting nominations for the 2021 FPA Excellence Awards in the following categories:

Research Excellence Award (Faculty)
Teaching Excellence Award (Faculty)
Teaching Excellence Award (Contract Instructor)
Teaching Fellowship Award (Faculty)
Public Commentary Excellence Award (Faculty)
Staff Excellence Award (Staff)

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