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Kelly Lauzon
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I think my approach to teaching helps me to better help students in my classes learn. I work hard to connect with my students and motivate them to do well. My approach is one that is centered on mentoring students and is comprised of a number of essential pieces: 1 – establishing a positive rapport and demonstrating that I am keenly interested in your success, 2 – caring about the information that I am imparting as the instructor, and 3 – motivating you to extend yourself beyond your comfort zones to help motivate you to put forth your best efforts.

I teach a fourth-year Honours seminar on criminal jury trials and another on wrongful convictions. My objective for these courses is quite clear – to make you think about and truly know the material that is presented. As future criminal justice workers, I think that it is important that we have frank discussions about some of the shortcomings of the system so that you are better prepared to work within it. It is my hope that my open and engaging teaching methods will set you on a journey of self-discovery where you are free to share your thoughts in a respectful environment that leads you to remember the course material in ways that last far beyond your time in the classroom.