Carleton University has three main registration periods: Fall, Winter and Summer. This page will help you plan your courses and academic career more effectively.

Academic Planning and Audits

Plan Early and Plan Often

Get a head start on registration by planning your courses early. We recommend that students check in with the Undergraduate Administrator (advisor) at least a month before registration starts to ensure they are on track for a successful registration period. Planning for the fall/winter period after first year? Check in as soon as your winter grades are available.

Review Your Audit

The Academic Audit is a all-in-one snapshot of your progress and assessment tool to help you plan your next steps. Students are encouraged to become acquainted with reading and understanding their audits. Make a change to your schedule? Be sure to review your audit afterwards to make sure you are still on track. Learn more on how to read your audit.

New Student Checklist

In addition to the below resources, don’t forget to review the New Student Checklist for important information on registration, your time-ticket, fees and more.

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Program Requirements

Find detailed overviews of your program requirements here: Law Undergraduate Program Requirements.

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Course Outlines and Undergraduate Calendar

To see a list of the courses that our Department offers, please review the Undergraduate Calendar. To see the courses that are being offered in the current academic year, please see the Carleton University Course Schedule. To see course outlines for available courses, please see our Course Outlines page.

More information: Honours Paper, Tutorial in Law and Topics Courses.

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Building your Timetable and Registration

Learn more about how to build your timetable and complete registration via the Registrar’s Office Build Your Timetable/Registration guide.

Registration Dates and Deadlines

See the University’s Dates & Deadlines guide.

How to Register

Register for your courses through Carleton Central. For registration assistance, please contact the Registrar’s Office.

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Course and Timetable Planning

If after you have reviewed your audit you find that you would like further guidance, the Department’s Undergraduate Administrator (advisor) can help you understand your audit, assess your progress, and plan for your next registration period and graduation.

Need help planning your Law courses? Check out the Build Your Timetable/Registration guide and the Law Undergraduate Program Requirements pages.

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Changing Your Program

If you are looking to change your program elements (such as your major, concentrations and minors) you can do this through Carleton Central. You can also reference this guide to help you with the change of program process. Students are encouraged to contact the Undergraduate Administrator (advisor) to review academic plans prior to making changes. Need help? You can also contact the Registrar’s Office for assistance.

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Course Enrolment and Registration FAQs

Have additional questions? Find our list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) for new and continuing students here: Course Enrolment and Registrations FAQs.

For important registration dates and deadlines please see the University’s Dates & Deadlines listing. All registration is through Carleton Central. For registration assistance, please contact the Registrar’s Office.