Faculty Supervision Areas for  2023 – 2024

This document lists all full-time faculty members in the Department of Law and Legal Studies and their respective areas of expertise for undergraduate and graduate supervisions. All supervisions should be with full-time faculty, including Emeritus and Adjunct Professors. Contract Instructors are not available for supervisions.

All faculty members on this list may supervise Tutorials and the Honours paper in Law. LAWS 4901 and LAWS 4902 are half-credit courses (0.5) and the Honours Paper LAWS 4908 is a full credit course (1.0).

All tenure-track and tenured professors (assistant professors, associate professors, and full professors) may supervise MA Theses and Masters Research Essays (MRE). Assistant professors who are not yet tenured can co-supervise PhD Theses. Instructors cannot supervise PhD Theses.

Contact details are available via faculty members’ profile pages.

Melanie Adrian
Associate Professor
(on sabbatical- not taking any new supervisions)
  • Religion (Islams, Judaisms & Christianities)
  • Religious Freedom in Canada & Internationally
  • Religious Rights
  • Theories of Rights
  • Human Rights
  • Pluralism
  • Liberalism
  • Multiculturalism (North America & Europe)
  • Social Theory
Betina Appel Kuzmarov
Associate Professor
  • International Law
  • International Legal Theory
  • Cultural Property
Ratna Rueban Balasubramanian
Associate Professor
  • Legal Philosophy in general, Issues of Methodology in Legal Philosophy, Moral Conception of the Rule of Law
  • Rule of Law, Democracy, Constitutional Design for Deeply Divided States
Zeina Bou-Zeid
Instructor III
  • Immigration and Refugee Law
  • Citizenship and Multiculturalism Theory
  • Human Rights
  • Constitutional Law
  • Employment Law
Doris E. Buss 
  • Transnational Legal Dimensions of Women’s Rights and Violence Against Women
  • Gender, Conflict and Post-conflict State building
  • Gender Equality, Advocacy and Measurement in Global Contexts
  • Gender and Artisanal Mining, particularly in Conflict affected Africa
  • Int’l Criminal Trials and Transitional Justice in Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia
  • Int’l Legal Regulation and Post-colonialism
  • Law and Sexuality
Lynn Campbell
Professor Emeritus
  • Business Law
  • Corporations
  • Director’s Duties
  • e-commerce
  • Labour and Arbitration
Michael Christensen
Associate Professor
  • Law, Democracy and Digital Culture
  • Privacy, Data Justice and Social Inequality
  • Science and Technology Studies
  • Social and Political Theory
  • Qualitative Research Methods
  • Computational Social Science and Digital Research Methods
  • History of Human Rights and Western Humanitarianism
  • History of the Social Sciences
Pierre Cloutier de Repentigny
Assistant Professor
  • Ocean and Coastal Law
  • Biodiversity Protection
  • Green theory
  • Political ecology
  • International legal theory
  • Access to justice for trans people
  • Queer theory
  • Critical Legal Theory
  • Administrative law
  • Legal History
  • Discourse Analysis
Brettel Dawson 
Associate Professor
  • Feminism and Law
  • Equality and Human Rights
  • Judicial decision-making
  • Judicial Education
  • Private Law
Jane Dickson
(on sabbatical- not taking any new supervisions)
  • Aboriginal People and Criminal Justice
  • Sentencing and Gladue
  • Community Justice (sentencing circles, healing circles, etc.)
  • Restorative Justice Theory and Practice
  • Restorative Justice and family violence
  • Aboriginal People and Cross-Border Issues
  • Specific Claims
  • Role of civil litigation I compensation for loss of culture
Stacy Douglas
Associate Professor
  • Constitutional Law and Theory
  • Contemporary Legal and Political Theory
  • Post-colonial Legal Theory
  • Sovereignty and Nationalism
  • Feminist and Critical Race Theory
  • Theories of Democracy
  • Law and Aesthetics
Megan Gaucher
Associate Professor
  • Immigration and Refugee Law
  • Temporary Foreign Workers
  • Critical Citizenship Theory
  • Family Law and Politics
  • Law and Identity
  • Gender, Race, Sexuality and Other Axes of Difference in Relation to the Law
Sheryl Hamilton
  • Cultural Studies of Law
  • Senses and the Law (specifically touch)
  • Legal Personhood and Subjectivity
  • Intellectual Property
  • Law and Emotions
  • Regulation of the Body and Biopolitics
  • Governance Theory
Mohammad Hasan
Instructor I
  • Environmental Justice Theory
  • Third World Approaches to International Law [TWAIL]
  • Toxic Colonialism
  • Indigeneity
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Labour Rights and Industrial Relations in the global South
William Hébert
Assistant Professor
  • Criminal Justice Reforms
  • Criminalization of Marginalized Populations
  • Imprisonment
  • Access to Justice
  • Governance
  • Gender, Sexuality, Race, Disability, and Other Axes of Difference in Relation to the Law
  • Critical Criminology
  • Legal and Medical Anthropology
  • Qualitative Research Methods
  • Ethnography
  • Community-Based Research and Engaged Scholarship
  • Contemporary Social and Political Theory
Atiya Husain
Assistant Professor
  • coming soon
Nadine Ijaz
Assistant Professor
  • Health professional regulation
  • Medical pluralism and the state
  • Traditional, complementary and integrative medicine
  • Epistemic hybridity and cultural misappropriation
  • Evidentiary debates in medicine
  • Risk discourse in the policy sphere
  • Postcolonial eco-feminism(s)
  • Scholarship of teaching and learning
Philip Kaisary
Associate Professor
  • Black diasporic legal and social theory from the Haitian Revolution to Black Marxism
  • Critical theory
  • Law and literature, law and film
  • Law, culture, and the humanities
  • Postcolonial studies
  • Sociology of law and culture
  • Law, race, and class
Vincent Kazmierski
Associate Professor
  • Law and Democracy
  • Disability, Law and Society
  • Unwritten constitutional principles and constitutional interpretation
  • Theories of Judicial Review
  • Law and Legal Studies Pedagogy
Ummni Khan
Associate Professor
(on leave- not taking any new supervisions)
  • Sex, Race, Gender, Disability and other axes of difference in Relation to the Law
  • Law In Popular Culture and the Media
  • Law and Literature
  • Critical Legal Theories
  • Deviance and the Law
  • Surveillance Studies
  • Feminist Legal Theory
Danika Littlechild
Assistant Professor
  • coming soon
Evelyn Maeder
  • Law and Psychology
  • Jury Decision-Making
  • Quantitative Research Methods
  • Mental Health Law
  • Moral Psychology and Punishment
  • Extralegal Factors (Race, Gender) in Legal Decision-Making
Sebastien Malette
Associate Professor
  • Law and Indigeneity
  • Governmentality Studies
  • Contemporary Legal and Political Theory
  • Decolonization
  • Environmental Laws and Indigenous Worldviews
  • Indigenous Legal Traditions Metis Studies
Jean-Michel Marcoux
Assistant Professor
  • International trade law
  • International investment law
  • International arbitration
  • business and human rights (interdisciplinary perspective)
Dawn Moore
  • Socio-Legal Theory
  • Domestic Violence
  • Laws of Evidence
  • Visual Evidence
  • Law and Subjectivity
  • Prisoner’s Rights
  • Imprisonment
  • Drug Policy
  • Morality, Regulation, Risk
  • Women and the Law
  • Feminist Legal Theory
  • Gender Issues
  • Science and the Law
  • State Mandated Therapy
Hollis Moore
Assistant Professor
  • Criminal Law and Marginalization
  • Ethnographic and Feminist Research Methods
  • Incarceration and Critical Carceral Studies
  • Gender, Family Relations, and Household Reproduction
  • Police Violence in the Americas
  • Brazil and Latin America
Zoran Oklopcic
Associate Professor
(on leave- not taking any new supervisions)
  • Constitutional Theory (popular sovereignty, constituent power of the people)
  • International Law (self-determination of peoples)
  • Normative Theories of Secession
  • Theories of Multinationalism Federalism
  • Political Theories of Carl Schmitt and Hannah Arendt
  • Democratic Theory
Umut Özsu
Associate Professor
  • Public international law
  • History and theory of international law
  • International human rights law
  • Law and development
  • Marx and Marxism
  • Critical legal theory
  • Issues of decolonization, humanitarian intervention, and state-building
Ksenia Polonskaya
Assistant Professor
  • International economic law (especially digital trade)
  • International public law (particularly the projects on legal authority and gender in international law)
  • Private law theory
  • Legal pluralism
  • Transnational extractive industries
  • Artificial Intelligence and the future of work agenda
Sean Richmond
Associate Professor
  • Public International Law
  • International Relations
  • Use of Military Force
  • International Criminal Law
  • Crime of Aggression
  • International Organizations
  • International Law of Armed Conflict
  • Canadian, British and Australian Foreign Policy
  • Afghanistan Conflict
  • Korean War
  • Treatment of Prisoners
  • Humanitarian Intervention
George S. Rigakos
  • Political Theory
  • Police Science; Public, Private and Quasi-public
  • Policing
  • Security and Anti-security
  • Marxian Political Economy
  • Cooperative Production; Mutualist; Anarcho-syndicalism
  • Critical Criminology
Alberto Salazar
Associate Professor
  • Consumer Protection Law (with a particular interest in food choices and public health)
  • Intersections of International Investment Law and Local Consumer Protection Policies
  • Competition Law and Policy
  • Corporate Law and Governance
  • Comparative Corporate Governance
  • Corporate Social Responsibility in Rich and Poor Countries
  • Socio-economics of Business Law
Dale Spencer
  • Contemporary Social and Political Theory
  • Criminalization of Marginalized Populations, with a focus on youth and homeless people
  • Violence
  • Victimization
  • Embodiment
  • Men and Masculinities
  • Qualitative Methods
  • Criminal Law
  • Policing
  • Biopolitics
Steve Tasson
Instructor II
  • coming soon
Christiane Wilke
Associate Professor
  • International law, armed conflict & technologies
  • Law, visuality, and knowledge
  • Critical histories of international law
  • Decolonizing international law and human rights
  • Transitional justice and international criminal law
  • Law, memory, and the politics of reconciliation
J. Barry Wright
Professor Emeritus
  • History of criminal law and its administration, especially 19th century reforms in Canada and throughout the British Empire
  • Political trials and national security measures
Diana Young
Associate Professor
  • Criminal Law Criminal Justice
  • Criminology and the Sociology of Crime Control and Regulation
  • Theories of Agency and Criminal Responsibility
  • Sociolegal Theory and Popular Culture
  • Intersections of Social Theory and Legal Theory
  • Feminist Theory and Gender Issues
  • The Interaction of Law and Discretionary Power in the Criminal Justice System
  • Theories of Judgment
Ania Zbyszewska
Assistant Professor
  • Employment and Labour Law and Policy
  • Labour Market Regulation
  • Gender and Work
  • Political Economy of Work and Labour Markets
  • Time and Temporalities
  • Feminist theories of Law
  • Feminist Political Economy
  • Care and Social Reproduction
  • Labour/Environmental Sustainability Nexus
  • Feminist Political Ecology and Ecofeminism
  • Law and Politics
  • EU Law and Governance
  • Post-Socialist Transitions
  • Neoliberalism