Our programs place the study of law within a social context and help you develop the critical, analytical, and research skills that are in high demand by employers. Our courses move beyond the study of legal rules to examining what we know about the law and how it works in our society. While our Department does not train lawyers, you’ll acquire knowledge of the underlying dynamics of law and legal studies, including an in-depth understanding of its rules, agents, institutions, and power structures. Studying law in all these different facets is what defines the strength of the programs at Carleton.

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Strengths of our Programs – During Covid and Beyond

Professor Betina Appel Kuzmarov speaks about the strengths of our programs, course delivery systems and more.

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Professor Zeina Bou-Zeid, Law and Legal Studies Chair, speaks about the BA Law Program’s features.

Faculty Spotlight – Professor Ania Zbyszewska

Professor Zbyszewska provides an overview of her current research concerning the role of law in managing the interface of labour and environment to prospective students on April 13, 2021.

Why choose a BA in Law? Hear what our students and graduates have to say.

Carly, BA/15 Law (Honours)
Hear Carly speak about opportunities in and beyond the classroom, including student led initiatives, research positions, work placements, and more.

Mustafa, BA/09 in Law (Honours)
Hear Mustafa speak about the support he received from professors and how the interdisciplinary courses offered in the BA Law program allow students to pursue a wide variety of career options.

Sangmi, Year 4 BA Law Student
Hear Sangmi speak about how her co-op placements complemented both her legal studies education and future career goals.

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