The Department of Law and Legal Studies at Carleton offers a choice of undergraduate degree programs. No matter which program you choose to follow, you will have the choice of some 75 courses in law, and access to research and study opportunities that you are not likely to find anywhere else in the country.

Types of Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Arts Requires 15.0 credits, normally completed after three years of study.
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) A more rigorous and extensive study of law, and requires 20.0 credits for completion.
Combined Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Link your BA in Law degree with another discipline, including our interdisciplinary program in Human Rights. The Combined Bachelor of Arts (Honours) program is also known as a Double Major. For more about this program, please consult the Undergraduate Calendar.
Bachelor of Global and International Studies (BGInS) Our Department sponsors one of the twelve Specializations that you can register in upon Admission: Global Law and Social Justice. For additional information, please visit the program website: BGInS Program.

Special Features of our Department

Our department has a variety of special courses, program add-ons and other opportunities that students can pursue to compliment their studies. Please find some of these features below.

Honours Concentrations

BA Law Honours students can focus their studies in a significant area of legal study in 2nd, 3rd and 4th year by choosing one of four concentrations:

Learn more about concentrations via the Undergraduate Calendar.

Minor in Law

Students in other disciplines may complete a four-credit Minor in Law.

Mention – Français

Students in the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Arts (Honours), or combined Bachelor of Arts (Honours) may earn the notation Mention – Français by completing part of their program in French.

First-Year Seminar (FYSM)

University seminar courses are small classes (usually with 30 students) designed to give students the opportunity to discuss and research topics of interest in a core subject area. Most university students are in their third or fourth year of study before they have the opportunity to take seminar courses. As a Carleton BA student, you are provided with this experience at the first-year level through enrolment in your First-Year Seminar (FYSM).

First-Year Seminar instructors are committed to teaching and mentoring first-year students as they make the transition into university life. FYSM instructors incorporate their own research interests in to the course material, enriching the experience for both the instructor and the student.

The Department of Law and Legal Studies offers the following FYSM:

For more information, please visit the First-Year Seminars page.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

From internships and co-ops to international exchange opportunities, there are many ways to expand your undergraduate experiences and learn valuable skills that will help guide your education and post-graduation life.

International Exchange

Our Department actively encourages all students to consider studying at another university with a strong legal or socio-legal program during their undergraduate years.


Students in third- or fourth-year with high academic standing in the B.A. (Honours) Law program may study abroad for a term or a year.

Please see the Department’s Undergraduate Administrator for advice on program requirements. If you successfully complete the courses approved for an Exchange, they can count toward your Carleton degree.

Adedoyin, Year 4 BA Law Student
Hear Adedoyin speak about how her international exchange experience complemented her legal studies education and opened new doors.

Available Exchange Locations

For more information on the range of international Exchange possibilities, visit the International Student Services Office (ISSO).

For more information on applying for this exchange, please contact the Outgoing Exchange Program Coordinator at the International Student Services Office (ISSO)

Co-operative Education

Co-operative Education combines traditional, in-class education with hands-on experience. Co-op students alternate study terms at Carleton with four, eight, twelve or sixteen month work terms. Eligible Undergraduate LAW BA students can start their first co-op work term in the summer after second year. The Co-op program is managed by the Co-operative Education Program office. Learn more: Co-operative Education Program.

Sangmi, Year 4 BA Law Student
Hear Sangmi speak about how her co-op placements complemented both her legal studies education and future career goals.

Service Learning Placement (Internship)

The Service Learning Placement (internship) course gives students the opportunity to work with an organization whose focus relates to law. Students can earn a half-credit (LAWS 4906 or 4907) or a full-credit (LAWS 4905) depending on the length of their placement. Participating students must identify a host organization and a faculty member to provide supervision.


Registration and Academic Advising

For important registration dates and deadlines please see the University’s Dates & Deadlines listing. All registration is through Carleton Central. For registration assistance, please contact the Registrar’s Office.

Students are also able to talk to an advisor about their academic planning. For more information, please contact