There are many ways to get academic and personal support at Carleton University.

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Academic Advising and Support

Understanding Your Academic Audit

The Academic Audit is your roadmap to your Undergraduate Law program. The audit provides you with a snapshot of your progress and how to stay on track to meet your graduation goals.

Learn How to Read Your Audit

Regularly reviewing your audit will help you stay on track. You can learn how to read your audit using the Academic Advising Centre’s Academic Audit resources: Academic Audits and How to Read Your Audit.

Academic Advising

Students can receive advising for their program via the Department’s Undergraduate Administrator, or for their overall degree via the Academic Advising Centre. Find out more about these services below.

Undergraduate Law Program Advising

The Undergraduate Administrator (your program advisor) helps students understand the following program related topics:

  • Audit Review
  • Course Registration Override Request
  • Program and Course Requirements
  • Change of Program Elements
  • Switching into the Law Program
  • International Exchange

Book a meeting with the Undergraduate Administrator.

Degree Advising

Want to have your overall degree progress reviewed? Students are encouraged to connect with the main advising office, the Academic Advising Centre (AAC). The AAC offers advising sessions for students who are experiencing academic difficulty, need assistance understanding their academic audit, want to ensure they are fulfilling their degree program’s academic requirements or have been placed on Academic Warning.

Career Services

Whether you are looking for an on-campus job or starting to plan your career, Career Services is there to help. Career Services offers job search support, they can help you gain work experience, and help you develop your skills.

Campus Support Services

Students have access to a variety of services across campus. A full list of services is available through Campus Support Services. Here are some of the commonly used services:

Help with Writing Writing Services
Study Skills Centre for Student Academic Support
Health and Well-being Health and Counselling Services
Support for Learning or Physical Disabilities Paul Menton Centre
Tuition and Fees Financial Services
OSAP, Scholarships, Bursaries and Work Study Awards and Financial Aid
Research for projects and assignments MacOdrum Library Research Support Services

Formal Deferral of a Final Exam

Students who require a deferral of one or more final exams can make a request through the Registrar’s Office. Please refer to the Registrar’s Office for relevant exam deferral dates and processes.

Requests for Accommodation

Students with Learning or Physical Disabilities

Carleton University is committed to ensuring all students have equal access to education. If you would like to receive accommodations for physical or learning disabilities, please contact the Paul Menton Centre. To learn about accommodations, and to complete the relevant registration steps, visit the PMC registration page. Students are encouraged to register well in advance of the start of a new term to ensure sufficient time is available to make the necessary accommodation arrangements for each course.

Religious Obligations and Spiritual Observances

Carleton University strives to accommodate students who, due to religious obligation, must miss an examination, test, assignment deadline, laboratory, or other compulsory event. Learn more about Carleton University’s Religious/Spiritual Observances policy. To make a request, please review the request process and deadline on the Undergraduate Calendar – Academic Regulations for Students with Religious Obligations page.