1. To register with PMC
  2. Documentation Forms
  3. PMC Fall Orientations
  4. Transition Tips

To register with PMC

Call our front desk at 613-520-6608, or come by the department in person at 501 University Centre to book an intake appointment.

Please note that appointments can not be made via email.

Our front desk staff will be able to answer any questions regarding documentation requirements at the time of booking, and will also let you know which of our Coordinator’s you will be meeting with.

Documentation Forms

The Paul Menton Centre (PMC) has developed specific documentation forms for various types of disabilities.

PMC Fall Orientations

PMC offers two unique orientations to our students. These are offered in addition to the Carleton university-wide orientations offered to the greater student-body.

PMC Fall Orientation

Low-Sensory Orientation

Transition Tips

Insight, tips, and tricks to help your post-secondary transition to be as seamless as possible.

For New Students

For Parents

Transition Program for High School Students: Make the CUT